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      • C66Y double arm follow-up control fully hydraulic open die forging hammer

        Follow-up control fully hydraulic open die forging hammer is a kind of electric-hydraulic hammer operated by follow-up valve and drove by fully hydraulic driving system.

      • Conversion of Hydra-pneumatic Hammer

        Conversion of hydra-pneumatic hammer, the existing hydraulic driving system, pipeline system, cooling system, electric control system, operation system and striking system will be improved and exchanging a new fully hydraulic driving system.

      • Automatic Die Lubrication Device

        This pump do not need stop, discharge pressure. Usually worker add graphite and water in rated ratio in normal condition into the emulsifier pump container, to realize continuous producing and the water level can be monitored. This emulsion in the container will be transferred to the valve control system by pressure pump. This pump can be follow-up pressed or whipped, and its pipe, filter can be cleaned by handle valves.

      • J55 High Energy Clutch-operated Screw Press

        ★The maximum energy can be output just by dropping 12.5% of the flywheel speed and the forming speed can be keep stably at 0.5m/s or so;
        ★Using the VFD, the deforming speed can be adjustable between 0.25m/s to 0.6m/s, which is suitable for alloy forgings ;
        ★Using hydraulic clutch control can realize the heavy and light striking and continuous striking, and the striking energy can be loaded at any point of the stroke

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