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      This pump do not need stop, discharge pressure. Usually worker add graphite and water in rated ratio in normal condition into the emulsifier pump container, to realize continuous producing and the water level can be monitored. This emulsion in the container will be transferred to the valve control system by pressure pump. This pump can be follow-up pressed or whipped, and its pipe, filter can be cleaned by handle valves.

      The input terminal of gas hydraulic automatic spray valve control system is connected to constant pressure graphite emulsifier pump by pipeline. After the worker preset spraying data on the man-machine screen, the spray gun can go to the room between upper and lower die, and spray mixed water basic graphite or cooling water or compressed air, and then return when it reach preset time. This device can realize spraying in fixed point, fixed time and fixed volume, to reduce labor intensity more and good to lubrication spray uniform, improve working environment much more.

      This system can realize multi-point spray. Now there are many assembly ways, such as sole small car assembly, fixed assembly, mixed assembly. But each ways can be matched with hand lubrication spray gun.

      It includes constant pressure graphite emulsifier pump, gas hydraulic automatic spray valve control system. It can assembled on and linked to PLC die forging hammer, hot die forging press and each kinds of cold forging machine to realize automatic lubrication, cooling, cleaning, to improve productivity and reduce worker’s labor intensity.

      Constant pressure graphite emulsifier pump
      It is suitable for oil base, water base and graphite base. It is drove by the compressed air and can rabble well-distributed and follow up with constant pressure.

      Gas hydraulic automatic spray valve control system
      It is for each kinds of die needing lubrication, machine needing cooling and graphite emulsifier pump. And it can be linked to PLC die forging hammer to realize die lubrication automatic spray with fixed point, time and volume, and automatic clean die surface, to get constant forging quality, avoid lubrication wasting, reduce polluting environment, lower labor intensity and improve productivity.

      1) prolong die life
      During forging, lubrication and cooling liquid spraying at once, uniformity, efficient will be good for die surface cleaning, cooling, lubrication, and to prolong die life.

      2) save lubrication material
      This device can realize automatic spraying in fixed point, fixed time and fixed volume. It has advantages comparing to spray by hand, such as at once, efficient, uniformity and lubrication material saving.

      3) improve forging quality
      Uniformity lubrication, cooling liquid spray will good for metal flowing, cavity filled out and improving forgings quality.

      4) Improve productivity
      This system can automatic, uniformity spray lubrication and cooling liquid into the cavity, to make sure forgings knocked out easy to short stop, die changing and repair time, to reduce labor intensity, improve productivity.

      5) Improve working environment
      Reasonable and efficient spray can avoid polluted by the dust and to improve working environment, good for worker’s health, and to prolong machine life.

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